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Ministering to the emotional needs of children touched by cancer and their families

Project Angel Hugs

Our 10th Annual “Be An Angel” Benefit
June 18, 2017
Sheboygan County Fair Grounds
229 Fairview Dr, Plymouth, WI 53073

2017 BAAB Sponsorship & Auction Donation Opportunities

Available Sponsorships for 2017 BAAB


If you or your business are looking for a sponsorship opportunity we would be very appreciative of your support!!

Estimated amounts below:


 Games and Activities  Total $1450

 3 Stage Rock Wall  $850

 Pony Rides  $300

 Prizes for games $300


 Venue Costs  Total $1100.

 Coliseum $400

 M & R Building $400

 North Food Stand $150

 Dumpsters and Portable Washing Stations $150


 Advertising for Benefit  Total $1700

 Change existing signage & Digital Billboard $500.00

 Facebook shout out to community $350.00

 Poster printing, ads in local papers $850.00


 Music Sponsor  Guesstimate at this time $400.  

 Sponsor late afternoon band—Big Bass Trio $400.00


 Balloon release sponsor Total $600.00

 Balloons and needed supplies $600.00

 Food costs that are not donated  Total $1800


 Chicken Breasts and Hamburgers $600.00

 Beverages for event $500

 Hard Rolls $200.00

 Potato Salad $200.00

 Snacks and candy $150.00

 Bottled water for event  $100.00

 Condiments $50.00


Donations in any amount are greatly appreciated.  All Sponsorships of $250.00 or more will be displayed in our office windows, in our July/August Newsletter and at our 10th Annual Benefit.


Project Angel Hugs is a 501(c)(3)non-profit organization- donations are tax deductible.

BAAB Sponsorship Opportunities

Our annual “Be An Angel” Benefit (BAAB) is our only big money maker each year, and because of that, we put a great deal of thought and effort into making this event a success.  

If you or your business are looking for a sponsorship opportunity, please consider us.  We would be very appreciative of your support.  

Below, you will see our estimated expenses for the event.  Any sponsorship donation, no matter the size, would be much appreciated.  Without our sponsors, this event would not be the success that it has been in previous years.

Click here to see more about donations needed for our BAAB Silent Auction.

BAAB Silent Auction Items Needed

Are you interested in putting together an Auction Basket for our auction?

We have had many wonderful baskets in the past, if you or your group might be interested in putting together a basket for us and are looking for ideas here are some of the wonderful ideas we have had in the past:      

These are just a few of the ideas…..if you have others, feel free to call us @ (920) 892-9138 and discuss them or email us at Angelhugz2u@frontier.com

Don’t feel like putting an entire basket together, but want to help out?  Bring us individual items and we will pair them with other individual items to make up baskets in the office.  

Still too much hassle?  Consider making  a monetary donation to help us fill out the baskets we are building.  Another idea, when you are out and about consider purchasing gift cards or certificates that we can auction off: Restaurants, Movie Theaters, Car Washes, Car Detailing, Local Stores, we can use them in baskets, or as a stand alone item.

Your contributions are greatly appreciated and
they are tax deductible!!!