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Ministering to the emotional needs of children touched by cancer and their families

Project Angel Hugs

Our ministries include:

Angel KISS Program

Angel KISSEs are a small craft item handmade by youth who visit our office or by youth across the country and then sent to our office to be forwarded. These are sent first class mail once a month to our children touched by cancer directly to their homes. KISSes are enclosed in a handmade card for them.

Angel HUG Program

This is a box full of goodies sent out 4-6 times a year, usually around a holiday or birthday directly to the children’s home addresses across the country. The Holiday HUGs also include something for each sibling in the family under the age of 15. These boxes are packed in our office by adult and youth helpers. Contact us if you are interested in helping. Around the child’s birthday, gifts are selected from our assorted items donated to put a Birthday HUG together for the child. These are gift wrapped by volunteers at our office and sent to the homes to brighten this child’s special day.

To enroll your child in our Angel HUGs and KISSes program, please send us an email.

Prayer Warriors

Our prayer warriors are a very important part of our ministries. We receive email requests and updates on the children enrolled in our program. The largest concerns are sent out via email to those who are willing to cover these children in their prayers. These Prayer Alerts are sent out on an “As Needed Basis”.

Please email any prayer concerns to us at angelhugz2u@zoho.com.

Local Youth Mission

We also consider working with the local youth one of our ministries. We encourage the local youth to come to office, usually making the first contact with them through a 4-H, church youth, class at a local school, or other type of youth group.

Most come to see our Angel KISS Gathering program, hearing the history of Project Angel Hugs and Nessa’s Story. How one little girl’s spirit touched many lives. Then they make their own Angel KISS card for a child affected by cancer. It is our hope that these same youth will come back on their own and help out at our office after school, on work day/nights, or during fundraisers.

Our office has stocked refreshments and snacks for the youth. Project Angel Hugs is able to give the youth a place to volunteer and put some of that energy to good use…but still under adult supervision. Our after school and early release programs are open to 5th grade and older students. Kids younger than 5th grade need to be accompanied by an adult.

Our Ministries